Tine looking out of the window of our van, watching the vast steppes rolling by.


Sometimes driving through the steppes I can't help to hum the Talking Heads' song: This is the road to nowhere.


Suddenly, the driver will stop somewhere "in the middle of nowhere" and have you amazed. Like here at a Japanese war memorial in Dornod.

Geser Sum: a small monastery at the Dasgan Ovoo hill in Ulaanbaatar. On the 2004 list of world monuments fund as a endangered cultural site.

Representatives from Antropia Netherlands visiting in 2001.

To the left Martin and Marco.

Below Sofie and Dorus.


One of the smaller statues at Ikh Burkhant. New and concrete, but still quite beautiful, I would say.
City boy goes countryside. But actually a sacrifice to science: taking cores of soil for a paleoecological research.

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